Buenos Aires

Well its official we are now backpackers, we have replaced perfume and aftershave for bug spray and I have given up on applying make-up and I’m going for beads of sweat running down my face look! We spent our first week in South America in Buenos Aires “Paris of South America”.

We walked the streets for hours as part of two free guided walking tours learning about the history, politics and architecture of this cosmopolitan city. Our highlight of the week was spending the evening with Gerry and Lucia our Tango dance instructors. We arrived at their dance studio in San Telmo on a Monday evening and nervously waited outside hoping that we weren’t the only couple signed up for the lesson! Relief as another couple and a guy on his own showed up for the 9pm class. The next hour was spent learning basic Tango steps, Gerry and Lucia were amazing, they were very patient and were great teachers. When I danced with Gerry I felt like I was actually dancing, well moving my feet in the right direction at least. After the lesson we all walked to a local Milonga (dance hall) where we able to experience locals dancing the Tango, we listened to a live orchestra and drank local wine.

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