Save the Goondocks

View from Ecola State Park

Goonies in Astoria and Cannon Beach – Goonies Never Say Die!

‘Hey you guys!’ doesn’t everyone love the Gooines? Well it’s one of my favourite movies and I couldn’t wait to get on the Goonie trail in Oregon. Our first stop was the old Clatsop County Jail (now the Oregon Film Museum) this is where the jail break scene was filmed at the beginning of the movie. The Museum wasn’t worth the $6 admission fee, there was only a couple of Goonie props and not much movie memorabilia, shame they haven’t got more exhibits from the movie. If you are on a budget save your money and just take your pictures outside the jail and by the Fratellis SUV parked outside complete with bullet holes. Across the road is the Flavel House museum where Mikey’s dad worked in the film.

Next stop the Goonie house, but unfortunately due to vandalism, trespassing and other issues visitors are now not allowed to walk up the driveway to the house, but you can still see the house from the riverwalk.

The highlight for me was a visit to Ecola State Park where the restaurant hideout set was built and you have an amazing view looking back at Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach. We then headed down the Hwy 101 to Cannon Beach to get a closer view on Haystack Rock and the beach where the Fratellis joined the beach race.

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