Lake Titicaca – Copacabana and Puno


The lake straddles Bolivia and Peru; it is the largest high altitude body of water in the world at an elevation of 3812 meters above sea level, 284 metres deep and more than 8500 square kilometres in area.

We spent 3 nights on the Bolivian side in Copacabana, staying at the fantastic Hostal Las Olas. We had a suite overlooking the lake and I’m little ashamed to say that we didn’t even visit Isla del Sol, all we did was chill out and enjoy the best accommodation we have had during our journey through South America.

However during our 2 nights in Puno on the Peruvian side we did visit the floating island of Uros and Amantani Island on a very touristy boat trip. Uros is a group of around 44 islands made from floating reed beds, the island we visited had 7 families living there. The original purpose was defensive and they still have the watchtowers on the island made from the reeds. Amantani is a fixed island and home to Quechua speakers. Around 4000 people live on the island and still wear traditional dress and follow ancient local customs. There are no cars on the island and all the agriculture is done by hand.

Tips – In Copacabana go to El Condor and The Eagle for a great breakfast and travel tips from Barry the owner.
In Puno try the restaurant Balconies de Puno for great food and a free traditional dance show.

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