Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas

On our road trip South into Texas a stopover in Dallas was a must for me having been intrigued by the events that happened that day in Dealey Plaza back in 1963 since I was at school.

The assassination of President John F Kennedy has fascinated the public for over 50 years, was Oswald the lone gunman as first thought, was there a second shooter from the Grassy Knoll, the conspiracy theories and questions are still being discussed today.

We took the DART light rail train to downtown and got off at Union Station which is only a short walk away from Dealey Plaza, and as we approached it the infamous former Texas School Book Depository Building on Elm Street came into view and it was a surreal feeling to finally see it in person, I started to get Goosebumps and I sort of had a WOW feeling come over me as I looked up towards the 6th floor corner window. To the left was Dealey Plaza, we stopped and looked over at the Bryan Pergola and the Grassy Knoll which although it was the first time seeing them they seemed so familiar, we were early for our tour so we spent 15 minutes taking some pictures and just taking in where we were and the events that had happened that day.

The tour of the museum is on the 6th floor of the book depository building, it’s a self guided audio tour with information of the Kennedy presidency, the events of the fateful day and the following investigations and conspiracy theories. The corner of the 6th floor where Oswald was positioned was behind glass screens to preserve the area but the window was clearly visible and amazing to see and I sneaked a photo which is not allowed.

After the tour we went back out into Dealey Plaza to take some more photos from every angle to try and fully capture the experience, sometimes just standing and looking around in amazement that I had finally managed to visit this historic place.

I was even able to stand on the same concrete pedestal where Abraham Zapruder stood and take my own video footage along Elm Street of the route the Presidential motorcade took.



  1. Peter & I visited here when Becki was living in Texas, found it a little eerie but it’s interesting to see. Just glad you weren’t visiting with the recent goings on there at the moment. You both sound like you’re having an amazing experience with your travels- keep safe & if you plan on dropping into Miami at any point, my sister would definitely put you up for a few nights if you need. Xx

    1. Hi Charlotte, glad you are reading our blog. Thanks for offering your sister’s place, we may be in Miami later in year, will keep you posted.

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