The Crumps final thought

As our 3 months in South America come to a close, we look back with happy memories of our adventure. It was more than I had hoped for and we will be back sometime in the future.

Some Statistics
6 countries visited
8570 miles travelled (all by bus)
220 hours in transit (all by bus)

Things we will miss about South America
– Waking up to a new adventure everyday
– Summertime in January
– Learning about new cultures
– Pisco sours
– Tasting local wines and food
– Meeting new interesting people
– Walking around local markets

Things we won’t miss about South America
– Showers, do we have hot water or not? 1 minute it burns your arse the next its freezing!
– Smelling of sulphur after you have had a shower
– Stomach cramps – is it the food, the water, who fricking knows!
– Overnight buses
– Lost in translation, you order an omelette and get a fried egg!
– Touts trying to sell you everything and anything
– The smell of piss on some of the streets
– South America breakfast – bread that is like cardboard!

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