Iguazu Falls

It was time to say goodbye to Rio and head to Foz do Iguacu to visit the Brazilian side of Iguazu falls. The only thing that stood in our way was a 24 hour bus ride and at 1am in the morning, as we were going cross country and I was starting to feel travel sick I wondered if the falls were worth the journey.

The next day the park shuttle dropped us off at the trailhead and you could hear the thunder of the falls before you saw a drop of water, upon our first sight of the falls we were amazed by the scale and the beauty of them. I knew straight away that the 24 hours on the bus were worth it. Words cannot describe Iguazu Falls and the pictures just don’t do it justice. We followed the trail along the river and everywhere you looked there was another waterfall, the book says 275 separate cascades make up the falls which extend nearly 3km across the river.

As you come to the end of the trail there is a walkway which takes you over the falls and into the Devils Throat, this is the point where we both got a much needed shower!!

An amazing day in the park, we didn’t want to leave but it was time to head over the border to Puerto Iguazu to visit the Argentinean side of the falls.

The Brazilian side gives you best overall views and the Argentinean side allows you to get up close to the individual cascades. As you walk through the tropical forest you come across wildlife, we saw lizards, butterflies, fish, turtles and the cute but annoying coatis (who steal food). If you have time you should visit both sides, we enjoyed our days in the park and it’s been the highlight of our trip so far.


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